Worldwide many people who are fond of keeping dangerous animals. One man who lives in the US North Carolina is Iud Ali. 20 snakes in his house, the man cultivated, but it recently cut the pet King Cobra. If he survived the incident, but his problems have increased. Friends shocked …
Iub, when bitten by a cobra, he rang the ambulance and reported the incident. He is bitten by a snake to me, come quickly to you. I myself am trying to get to hospital as soon as possible. But after a while the ambulance reached him and he survived. But his friends are shocked by the incident. Indeed, what do they think all the Iub pet cobra cut him.
In Orange County, the crib is dangerous organisms illegal
Ali living in Orange County, North Carolina’s problems have increased. Indeed, the crib is illegal toxic organisms. The growing of Ali’s house snakes have broken the law. Orange County Animal Services said in its statement that we, together with the police are trying to figure out exactly how the Iub broke the law in their home and took these snakes sail. Please tell Ali is fond of wildlife photography.