Nail-art pictures are big hits on social media. There’s everything from tutorials for quick DIY techniques, to pictures and videos of flat-out crazy trends online. We bring you some of the most way-out nail-art fads that have taken over social-media feeds..
This is the latest viral trend in nail art. The technique, which is the brainchild of Australian artist Roz Borg, involves applying baby succulents — generally fleshy plants usually found in deserts — to a false nail with nail glue, which are then applied to the actual nail.
This trend started when beauty vlogger Christine Rotenberg posted a video in which she applied coats of nail polish in every single colour she owned — 116. After that, people went all out trying to apply as mainly coats of polish as they could, and the trend took on different forms, with people applying 100 layers of foundation, liquid lipstick and fake lashes on themselves.
Want a manicure that pops? Then look no further than bubble nails. The look, which makes your nails look inflated, is achieved by applying very thick acrylics, which are attained by placing a ball (or several) of acrylic at the centre of the nail and building it out by adding layers.
This didn’t start on social media, but on the ramp, when Jan Arnold, the style director and co-founder of a nail polish company, sent models down the runway at a 2016 fall/winter show with faux fur on their nails. All you need to do to achieve the look is to paint your nails a neutral colour, and then apply a clear top on to which you stick the faux fur.
If you ever want nails inspired by the webbed feet of a duck, this trend’s perfect! The defining feature of this nail art is the flare of the bottom part of the nails, which can be relatively small to super-wide. FYI: This mani is best done at a salon.