Rajendra Kumar, the former top aide of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the alleged kingpin of a Rs. 50 crore corruption case, has been remanded in the custody of the Central Bureau of Investigation for three days.

Six other accused have been remanded in the agency custody along with him. The agency wants to bring the accused face-to-face with one another, and the evidence they claim to have collected in the case.
On Saturday, the agency had arrested Intelligent Communication System India Limited Managing Director RS Kaushik and former MD GK Nanda.

Mr Kumar, a 1989 batch Indian Administrative Service officer, was accused of abusing his official position to award Delhi government contracts worth Rs. 9.5 crore to Endeavour Systems Private Limited – a front company he had allegedly opened.

Besides Mr Kumar, Mr Kaushik and Mr Nanda, the other accused in the case are Mr Kumar’s aide Ashok Kumar, Endeavour Systems Private Limited directors Sandeep Kumar and Dinesh Kumar Gupta, and former VAT Department Assistant Director Tarun Sharma.

Today in court, the CBI said it made six raids, through which cash and incriminating documents were recovered which the agency now needs to confront the accused with. The agency also alleged that Rajendra Kumar is not coming out with full truth about the email exchanges.

Sources in the agency, meanwhile, said after examining the audio clips, the Central Forensic Laboratory had confirmed the authenticity of the conversation between Rajendra Kumar and the other accused.

Last week, Ashok Kumar had allegedly admitted taking bribes on behest of Rajendra Kumar, CBI sources also said.

Mr Kumar and four others were arrested by the CBI last week for allegedly showing undue favours to Endeavour in award of government contracts worth over Rs. 50 crore. The arrest of the top government official triggered a political storm, with the Delhi government accusing the Centre of indulging in “political vendetta” and “paralysing” governance.