Couple Kiss been 58 hours consecutively, these 20 bizarre world records

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What you can be sure that what a couple can continue 58 hours? But Guinness World Records says that the answer is yes. Thailand holds the record for doing so in the name of a couple. Three years ago, 58 hours and Lksana Tiranarat Akkaci, 35 minutes and 58 seconds which was consistent. World’s Longest Kiss …
In fact, Valentine’s Day by taking part in Kissathan he had done the deed. The longest in the history of the world, which are also considered. However, before 2013, and in 2011 the couple had shown how the longest. Kissathan them on Valentine’s Day event, winning nearly 2 lakh and a diamond ring was two. Interestingly, during which the couple sit, was not allowed to rest or sleep.


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