Every day, 89 women in the country are victims of rape. But as many as 3 times so that the punishment will be acquitted. But in many countries where rape offenders who are sentenced to death directly. So, today we tell the world about the same 7 countries are going. Learn more about these countries in the slides, read below Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi has increased the number of …
Every day, 89 women in the country have been victims of rape. But as many as 3 times so that the punishment will be acquitted. In 2015 more than 32 thousand cases of rape in the country. It is 12% less than 2014. But after the 2012 scandal Nirbhaya rape cases in the country has increased 28%. The rape cases in Delhi have increased by 211%.
28% increase in the country after Nirbhaya rape
However, 12 per cent of rape cases in 2015 compared to 2014 lowered.
2014 thirty-six thousand seven hundred thirty-five
2013 thirty-three thousand seven hundred and seven
2012 twenty-four thousand nine hundred twenty-three
2011 twenty-four thousand two hundred and six
Nirbhaya rape in Delhi increased 211%
July 15 this year, a total of 1,186 rape cases in Delhi said.
Old case
2015 two thousand one hundred ninety-nine
2014 two thousand one hundred sixty-six
2013 one thousand six hundred thirty-six
2012 706
Madhya Pradesh tops in rape
Madhya Pradesh leads in rape cases. According to NCRB data available in 2014, 5,076 cases of rape in the state. Rajasthan is second.
MP 5076
Rajasthan 3759
UP 3461
MH 3065
Delhi 2095
Uttar Pradesh most unsafe
According to the NCRB, UP tops in crime against women. Northeastern Nagaland, Sikkim and Mizoram are safe for most women.
UP 38 467
West Bengal 38 299
Rajasthan 31151
MP 28678
Maharashtra 26 693

..and Sentenced to just 28%
In cases of rape accused his conviction and sentence data is extremely shocking. In 2014, 15% more than 2013, accused of rape were arrested. The decision was only 36%. 72% of these accused were acquitted. The punishment given to only 28%.
Action in 2014
Bari 12 705
Punishment 4944
17 649 decision
48 193 arrested