Prostitution is emerging as the largest business in the world. In many countries where prostitution is legal if it is illegal. Some countries such as sex tourism, which earn huge profits. Let us know about the countries of the world where these businesses are Arabs.
China: $ 73 billion

Prostitution is illegal in China, still the world’s largest market to exist in China. Despite the Chinese government’s efforts to massage parlors, bars and nightclubs is running rampant in this business.
Spain: $ 26.5 billion

Spain is the second country in the world where the porn business is thriving. UN University report says 39 per cent of Spanish men once to having a sex worker.
Japan: $ 24 billion

Japan ranks third in terms of the sex trade. It is connected with the history of Japan. Sex industry in Japan due to legal shortcomings began.
Germany: $ 18 billion

In the case of prostitution in Germany are 40,000 sex workers. The business is legally recognized in Germany. But nobody forced prostitution is an offense to force.
US: $ 14.6 billion

Prostitution is legal in the US. That is why every year a large number of porn films are made in America.
South Korea: $ 12 billion

South Korea is in the sex trade turnover of $ 12-13 billion. While it is illegal in South Korea. According to a report in South Korea’s 20 percent of men ages 20 to 64 years in the sex trade at an average of $ 580 to spend.
India: 8.4 billion

Prostitution is illegal in India. Long a party is seeking to legalize it. But this is a country where people do not come into their own business. In this business, things will get it or they are given or sold.
Thailand: $ 6.4 billion

Thailand is known worldwide for its sex tourism. Thailand since the Vietnam War and later became known for sex tourism sex trade allowed the government here.
Philippines: $ 6 billion

The Philippines is also known for sex tourism. Because of the large number of minors in poverty have become part of the sex trade. Prostitution is illegal in the Philippines.