A fifth-year pupil and fashion designer from Cork has shown off her talents on Patrick Street this weekend, writes Steve Neville.

Shannon Haly is a student at Mount Mercy College and yesterday afternoon she put on a pop-up fashion show to show off her skills.

The show featured all her own designs which were modelled by family, friends and Irish athlete Derval O’Rourke.

The theme was an urban look with earthy colours with Shannon’s own twist to what’s in vogue now.

Speaking about the show, she said:

“It’s all about trying to get what’s on trend now but put my twist to it and use earth colours because I like a kind of urban look.”

Shannon wants to do fashion design in college when she’s older and said the pop-up show was a good way to show off her stuff.

“It’s for my portfolio so anything that will help me get in (to college) really would be a help.”

“I hope there will be a few more (pop-up shows) after this.”

Shannon Haly is certainly a name to remember for the future!