An ill-fated drug run may be what linked a smashed car in country Victoria to the shooting of underworld figure Walid “Wally” Ahmad in Sydney. The standover man was shot dead as he sat at a coffee shop at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre on April 29, after finishing a gym session with a friend.

His brazen public execution came three weeks after a shooting outside a Condell Park smash repairs claimed the life of Safwan Charbaji. The complex feuds and workings of south west Sydney’s criminal families have come to light as two homicide strike forces work together in an attempt to figure out who wanted who dead and why.

The shootings are being treated as separate murder investigations but detectives are looking closely at whether the Condell Park murder motivated the Bankstown shooting.

It is understood some members of the Elmir and Ahmad families were pitted against each other in an ongoing feud before Mr Charbaji’s shooting outside A Team Body Works on April 9.

Mr Charbaji is married to Mohamad Abul Hamid Elmir’s sister and the trio lived together in Condell Park.

Mohamad Abul Hamid Elmir was charged with concealing a serious offence after he turned up in a car with Mr Charbaji at Bankstown Hospital.

In the past few days an arrest warrant was issued for 22-year-old Mohamad’s uncle, Fawaz Mohammed Elmir, for shoot with intent to murder. Detectives have been able to ascertain that 48-year-old Fawaz Elmir fired a gun outside A Team Body Works but haven’t been able to locate him.

“We have information that would suggest he maybe trying to leave the country or is indeed interstate,” Homicide Squad Commander Detective Superintendent Mick Willing said on Wednesday.

Fawaz Elmir is well-known to police and seen as a patriarch or organiser in his family, directing the activities of those around him, sources explained. Members of the family have come onto the police radar for varied crimes, among them a drug run between Sydney and Melbourne.

This may have be why a car linked to an employer of a Elmir relative ended up wrapped around a tree in Benalla, country Victoria, a day after Ahmad’s death.

Documents linked to a relative were also found in the rubbish-strewn vehicle, prompting local police to alert their NSW counterparts. However it has been confirmed the person whose name was on the papers was not with the car or involved.

The two men seen getting out of the smashed vehicle, relatively unscathed, haven’t been found either.

One theory police are investigating is whether the car was en route to Melbourne transporting drugs, and possibly taking other supplies to Fawaz Elmir. While he frequents Sydney’s south-west, Fawaz Elmir also has links to the Victorian capital.

Given Ahmad’s prominence in criminal circles as a stand over man, or a self-perceived mediator, there are multiple theories as to why he was peppered with six bullets.

Detectives are also keen to question Ahmad’s brother, Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad, who travelled to Lebanon after the Condell Park shooting.

It is believed Brownie was at A Team Body Works, which Ahmad has strong ties to, when the bullets started flying, but continued with his pre-arranged overseas travel.

He missed his brother’s funeral at Lakemba Mosque last week.

Superintendent Willing said multiple police squads and regions in Sydney were working to solve the crimes.

“These are brazen incidents that have occurred in broad daylight areas and our community…the concern for the community’s well being is at the forefront of police at all times,” he said. Anyone who sees Fawaz Elmir is urged not to approach him but call 000.