A North Fitzroy chef viciously bashed by two thugs who chased him from a tram stop near his house in Melbourne’s inner north says he is now fearful of using public transport.

Police are hunting for the offenders after the vicious assault on one of Melbourne’s busiest tram lines left a young father with a fractured skull.

The 27-year-old victim was waiting for a tram on Nicholson Street, close to the Brunswick Road intersection, to head into the city and see friends around 9.20pm on 13 May.

He noticed two men in a Toyota Supra at nearby traffic lights, and suspects they were watching him for some time.

The two men got out of the car and chased him to the front entrance of a Nicholson Street convenience store.

“They stood at the door threatening me and then launched their attack, which is when I lose memory of what happened,” said the victim, Theo.

Both men punched Theo in the head, before he fell to the ground. He was then kicked and fell unconscious.

Theo said he made the mistake of asking the two men what they were “looking at” when they were staring at him from the car. He said aside from that he didn’t provoke the attack and that he did not know the men.

He said he thought at the time that the convenience store would provide refuge, as it was well-lit and had CCTV cameras. However the men did not stop.

“I thought I was OK, and then for them to still attack me is sickening, it’s scary, it’s not something I wish upon anyone,” he said.

The attack took place 500 metres from Theo’s house. He has since moved in with his mother and has not returned to work.

“Catching public transport is hard, especially waiting for a tram, I’m always getting flashbacks to that moment,” he said.

Theo was taken to hospital with a fractured skull after a staff member at the convenience store called emergency services.

Detective Senior Constable Andrew Missen said the bashing was unprovoked and appeared to be pre-meditated, as the two men had time to consider their actions.

“It’s a sickening attack, they’ve followed him into a store they’ve punched him until he’s on the ground and then kicked him,” he said.

Police are confident that a member of the public will recognise the two men and urged them to hand themselves in.

“It’s in their best interest,” he said.

Police have released CCTV footage of the alleged perpetrators.

One of the men is described as Southern European in appearance, in his twenties and with facial hair. At the time of the incident he was wearing a black jacket, black pants and Converse shoes.

The other man is described as Caucasian, also in his twenties and of solid build. He was wearing a Chicago Bulls cap, black jacket, blue jeans and purple sneakers at the time of the bashing. Police are urging anyone who recognises the two men to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.