Calgary police are again defending their actions after a video was posted to social media of several officers punching and kicking a man they were trying to arrest at the Calgary Stampede. On their Facebook page Thursday, Calgary police say they were called to a drinking establishment on the fairgrounds Wednesday night for a report of a belligerent, heavily intoxicated man who was stealing other patrons’ drinks.

The posting says as officers were trying to escort the man off the premises, he grabbed an officer’s belt and the handle of his Taser.

The video posted to Twitter shows four officers wrestling with the combative man and trying to get him to the ground as other officers keep bystanders at bay.

The man is punched and kicked several times as he fights back at the officers, who eventually manage to get him in handcuffs and take him away.

Daniel Joseph Maguire, 23, of England, has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, along with Gaming and Liquor Act violations.

Last week, Calgary officers were videotaped approaching a man standing outside a bar, throwing him to the ground and holding him down while one officer hit him.

The department defended the officers, saying they were arresting a man who was allegedly involved in a road rage incident with a pedestrian, and that he was aggressive and unco-operative.

The man was later released after being given a ticket for stunting after driving in an unsafe manner.

The department says all use-of-force incidents are reviewed by a district training officer and reported to the Calgary Police Commission.