After hours on the run, a Honolulu police officer suspected of first-degree sexual assault was arrested Wednesday. Police won’t confirm specifics, but we do know the victim is a minor and someone he knows.

Authorities issued an alert asking for the public’s assistance to locate off-duty officer Jessie Laconsay. They had been searching for him since Tuesday evening.

He was located at around 1 p.m. Wednesday across Dillingham Airfield.

We spoke with witnesses, who saw the 37-year-old was sitting alone off the side of the road before armed police officers swarmed him.

“He seemed really depressed,” said witness Yucn Zhong. “He was sitting down like this (gestures) with hands here, with a wide bandage.

“I was looking through my window and saw guys with rifles. I was terrified,” Zhong added. “I thought, this peaceful island! How come?”

Laconsay was arrested for first-degree sexual assault and taken by police escort to Wahiawa General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

His police vehicle, an unmarked white Dodge Charger, was towed from the scene shortly after.

We’re told once Laconsay is released, he will be taken to the police station for booking.

We’ve continually pressed HPD for more information. All we received was the statement: