Garlic as a cleansing diet
Modernization and westernization have affected our livers more than our culture. Yes, the modern urban eating habits are taking a toll on our health, big time. You need a healthy liver diet and this is a list of liver cleansing foods. Take a look!Garlic can help you drench out all the toxins by activating liver enzymes. It is high on selenium and allicin, these compounds are known to help cleanse liver. Allicin found in garlic can protect one against liver cancer. It can also reduce fat accumulation in the liver.
Avocados for liver cleanse
Avocados are high on antioxidants and help your body create glutathione that can elevate the natural cleansing mechanism. Avocados can help you boost detoxification enzymes of liver and help you get rid of toxins like carcinogens
Broccoli as a cleansing diet
Broccoli helps you to increase the secretion of glucosinolate enzyme in your body that ultimately helps in cleansing your body and your liver. This green vegetable is one of the healthiest vegetable and is a part of healthy liver diet.

Carrots as a cleansing diet
Carrots are enriched with plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene. Consumption of carrots can boost overall liver function. Carrot can help protect liver against the poisoning induced by chemicals such as tetrachloride that can damage liver.
Cabbage is an excellent liver cleansing food
There are two important liver detoxifying enzymes that can be stimulated by eating cabbage and get rid of all the toxins. Green cabbages contain more chlorophyll and chlorophyll helps strengthen the liver.