A pair of twins – a boy and girl – who were born in India are so conjoined that they share almost every vital organ. In fact, they are so fused to the waist that only the genitals of the girl are visible.

The mother of the twins, Shivrajo Devi, 24, had delivered the children at a private clinic in a village in Buxar, Bihar on Wednesday evening. But soon after birth, the condition of the twins began to worsen and they were shifted to the neo-natal intensive care unit at Sadar hospital in the city .

Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta, who is a paediatrician at Sadar Hospital, told the “Even though the second genital is missing, we suspect the face of the second baby is a boy, which makes this case even more rare as conjoined twins are usually of the same gender.” After the condition of the twins stabilised, they were again sent to a bigger hospital three hours away.

The twins’ father, Chhota Singh, 30, is a factory worker and is unable to afford costly medical treatment and long travel expenses. “They told us the babies would be needed to be kept in a glass box and we should take them to a big city like Delhi for their treatment,” he says.

Apart from the twins, Singh and his wife are also parents to two other children: a 4-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. The babies’ parents are still in shock about how the twin’s serious condition was never detected before birth despite regular check-ups during pregnancy apart from ultrasounds.