These photos will be history you have not already. These are quite bizarre that shows what was at that time. 19th century and early 20th century the punt gun was used. It had so much potential, but that might easily annihilate enemies to use it in any war was not unlikely.

Many elephants were also used during World War II. It was perfectly prepared and they were Trening. In this photo taken in 1914, one can see how Colt-Browning machine gun with the American officer elephant ascended to 1895 m below it, and is gunning.

This photo is showing how to create anything new in the 19th century, people were then used to test it for yourself, the computer was not. Here, a man made for the players is to test the helmet. Helmet strap before the players took the cotton had to save your ears and head.

Bkaada first time a job was also to catch mice. These jobs are very right for the unemployed and poor people lived. These people created panic in the entire city was left behind and catch rats would. They sewer, pits, Thkanon rat caught inside the barge.
Titanic was one of the world’s most luxurious ships. 1,500 people died in the sinking. The picture of that time, where a pastor with thousands of people turning out to the funeral.

NASA did not use the computer for something like this, then there was a big tough matrix. The writing on the board up and down to get it sorted so people were