Things haven’t been looking up for India at Olympics 2016 yet, but does that mean it’s fair to mock our athletes out in Rio for “wasting money”? Writer Shobhaa De thinks that’s the way to go.The Page 3 personality took to Twitter to express her opinion, which is that the Indian team’s goal at the Olympics is only to”click selfies” and come back home “empty-handed” without any medals.

Of course, such a crass statement did not go down well with Indians rooting for the team. De’s tweet soon met with outrage and witty retorts trolling her for belittling Indian athletes.While some presented arguments as to why India’s performance has been poor so far,others lashed out at De with derision.Minutes after her belittling tweet about the Indian team, De (probably had a change of heart?) cheered in support of Abhinav Bindra.

This isn’t the first time when De faced flak for her distasteful statements. During Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to India earlier this year, De penned an opinion piece about the Royal couple that went viral for the wrong reasons.De’s misogynistic descriptions of Middleton incurred wrath from men and women alike. But looks like she still doesn’t see what’s wrong with saying certain things.It’s a free country and we root for freedom of speech. Likewise, we are also rooting for Indian athletes at Rio Olympics 2016. Well, most of us are.