Colored mascaras are making their comeback this year, making the idea of having only black ones an outdated idea. The colored mascaras bring back 80s feel and flashbacks, but thankfully new product released from our favorite beauty brands are proving the trend has come back with a bang. The new colored mascaras are more chic and fashionable than ever before. One thing that is important here is that you do it right. Colored mascara, besides being a great way to lighten up your look, compliments your eye color, and can really make your eyes pop. Talking about what is available now, from a limited edition line of mascaras inspired by the butterfly wings, to the cult classics in an updated hue, there is a whole palette of colorful sticks to choose from right now. So you can merrily grab a matching liner and get ready to enhance your whole look with one of these colored mascaras.