In the case of a college student Manpreet master Nankpura Tuesday’s big reveal happened. Press Briefing by Gurmeet Aulk cousin Raju Aulk murderer and has released a video. The video has been claimed that after the assassination of Manpreet Raju Singh Chatha Amanjinder BJP Councillor Aulk else direct his companion went to the office. Chatha’s brother was sitting there. Parry’s brother Raju Chatha Aulk soon as the young man put his hand there stood the whole incident began telling everyone else. He then drank the water and may then go from there.

During the press conference, said Gurmeet Aulk them to do in this case is not. Raju, his brother must Aulk, but he never gave Raju protection. Entertainment Kalia BJP chief legislator Ramesh Sharma inexplicably handed he has defamed them by name. He resigned from the BJP. They do not need to refresh the party. Kalia said Aulk chopsticks are saying that after the murder Raju Aulk Did his office, it is wrong Aarop. The video has brought the whole truth.

Brother did not kill that came by: a Chatha

BJP councilor Amanjinder Aulk Gurmeet Singh Chatha said Raju Aulk else live near their home. Did his office the day after the murder, Raju was underway, but the brother did not know that death is the Did. He also said that the fight happened then go to medical Krwaao brother said. Also, there’s no good. Gurmeet Aulk is intentional defamation.