With the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival a day away, the term “festival fashion” is seemingly on the mind of practically every girl – and many boys —  who want to look the part as they frolic grassy fields, fight blowing sand and listen to music in the middle of the desert.

But what is “festival fashion?”

Like art and music, it can means something different to different people.

For Christy Dawn Petersen, a model and fashion designer from Los Angeles who has spent her fair share at Coachella – it’s all about individuality.

“For me it’s about being easy and comfortable and making a statement and not looking exactly like every other girl,” she told The Desert Sun Tuesday.

Her festival friendly looks with their lightweight and flowy fabrics reflect exactly that. They can move easily and feel good in extreme heat, but they also exude a bit of refinement as well for the more sophisticated fan who doesn’t need to show off all their skin and can afford dresses that start at almost $200.

The H & M Desert Vibes tent will allow festivalgoers to interact with immersive video sets and shop for clothes all under one big air-conditioned roof.

“At H&M we know that the power of music combined with fashion is undeniable and Coachella is the epicenter of where music and fashion collide,” said Marybeth Schmitt, Head of Communications, North America, in a prepared statement.

What Petersen has picked up on is a “general vibe” of girls wanting to be noticed out on the festival grounds, but also wanting to appear unique is some way. She thinks her clothing line does just that.

The last Coachella festival Petersen attended was about three years ago, before she gave birth to her son River Juozas. Her husband is “Survivor: Panama” winner Aras Baskauskas.

She is doubtful she’ll be able to go this year, but her “Coachella fashion” will be represented at the festival – on at least one person, if not more.

That was kind of my inspiration for our Coachella Collection, to show girls and tell girls that you’re not going to run into anyone with the same dress,” said Petersen.

Some of her other looks perfect for the music festival include her Orchid, Lucille and Rowe dresses. The Orchid is described as “sexy meets sophisticated” with long slits on the side and an open back.

“We’re not a sexy brand. We show just enough,” she said.

The Lucille dress can be worn off the shoulder and as described, looks exactly like something you’d wear in a field of wildflowers and accessorized by a sunflower crown.

The Rowe dress was just released about a week ago and with its 70s vibe is one of Petersen’s favorites.

“I’m obsessed with it. It feels like a 70’s dream come true. It’s like you walked out of Woodstock,” she said.