At Coachella in Indio, Calif., our favorite festival queens weren’t shy about showing off the hottest new hair styles.

Fom Olivia Holt’s fishtail braid to Kylie Jenner’s hair chalking to Alessandra Ambrosio’s multi-French braid, we had total #hairgoals all week!

Want to get the look? Hollywood’s go-to on-demand beauty app, beGlammed has rounded up their top festival trends and given you the step by step tricks to DIY! Check them out below.As seen on: Alessandra Ambrosio, Devon Windsor, Lea Michele.

Step1: Starting with hair on the top half of your head only, part it into five separate sections that will each be French braided. The top middle section should be slightly bigger than the other four sections

Step 2: Excluding the top middle. French braid each section backward, starting with the farthest two side pieces, until you reach the back center of the head. Finish each as a normal braid, securing with a clear elastic band. Repeat this step until you’ve completed all four side French braids.

Step 3: Start French braiding the largest center piece, while weaving in each of the four side braids, plus the sixth section of hair on the bottom half of your head. Step 4: Continue the braid until you reach the end of your hair, then secure with an elastic band.

As seen on: Kylie Jenner, Kesha

Steps: Place a towel over your shoulders to avoid getting hair chalk on your clothing. Take several small sections of your hair and spray with dry shampoo. Apply the hair chalk to the sections you just sprayed. This will get a bit messy. The best way to do this is to hold a small section of your hair away from your head and start at the base of the strand and work your way down to the end of your hair applying the color along the way. Some chalk comes with a sponge, if that’s the case use your hand as a barrier and sponge the color on your hair from root to tip. Repeat until you have several sections of your hair colored.