Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif held a ceremony in the honour of position holder boy and girl students, belonging to underprivileged families, in the examination of matric at Model Town on Thursday. The chief minister gave away laptop and cheque of 100000 rupees to each position holder student. He announced to bear all future educational expenses of the position holders belonging to poor families on this occasion and said that these talented students are our heroes who achieved prominent positions in the examination through their hard work, ability and capability in difficult circumstances.

Punjab government will bear their educational expenses through Punjab Education Endowment Fund until they complete their education, he added. Shehbaz Sharif congratulated position holder students, their parents, teachers and principals and said we salute the sons and daughters of the nation for their hard work.

By securing positions in difficult circumstances, these children have proved that if one works hard then doors automatically open. He said that parents of these children have educated them by curtailing their expenditure and the students have also honoured their parents. He said that these girls and boys belong to the families where acquiring education was impossible but they achieved this place through their hard work and the entire nation is proud of their success.

He said that the students are shining stars of Pakistan as they worked hard and achieved better position than the children of the rich. He said that every goal can be achieved through hard work, and added that the stories of these children will create new spirit and courage in the nation as their hard work is witness to the fact that every difficult problem is resolved through hard work and that less resources do not create any hurdle in their way.

The minister said it is his faith that a respectable place can be achieved in the society and the destiny of the nation can be changed through hard work. He said that it cannot be Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal where children of the elite study in prestigious educational institutions while those of resource less segments are deprived of education due to difficulties.

The chief minister said that it’s about time a revolutionary policy is evolved for equipping the youth of the nation with education and steps should be taken for reducing the gulf between the poor and the rich.

Addressing the position holder students, Shehbaz Sharif said that a simple but impressive ceremony has been held in the honour of these children of the nation who got positions in the examination of matric despite difficult conditions and less resources. He congratulated the students, their parents and teachers from the core of his heart.