Claudia Charriez was involved in a very public trial after being beaten by a NYC firefighter Taylor Murphy, who was featured in a he defense’s claims that Charriez was once engaged in sex work were intended to suggest that her claims of assault were not valid. Whether she once engaged in sex work is irrelevant.
Stories about Charriez in the New York Post were filled with sarcastic and demeaning phrases such as “He (Taylor Murphy) may never handle a hose again — at least not as a city firefighter.”Firefighter Taylor Murphy was found guilty of offenses related to the assault on his transgender ex-girlfriend, Charriez.
Claudia Charriez made it to the semifinal round on “America’s Next Top Model” in 2006 before she was disqualified because she was assigned male at birth.Over the past few weeks, Manhattan jurors have been hearing testimony from a beautiful transgender model who claims that her firefighter boyfriend assaulted her last year. And this afternoon they determined that Taylor Murphy is guilty of assaulting Claudia Charriez, as well as criminal contempt and violating an order of protection. On the plus side for Murphy, the jury acquitted him of felony strangulation.
Prosecutors said that Charriez’s work as an escort enraged Murphy, who was also upset that she got an STD. Charriez, who is no longer dating Murphy, had given dramatic testimony, from insisting that she still loves him and how she was “was castrated” “at a very young age.” After Murphy’s lawyer asked her about nude photos on an escort website, she said, “I do not have sex for money!” Then, as the Post reported, “Charriez later burst into dramatic, honking, masculine sobs when the defense lawyer mentioned another of her ex-boyfriends, this one deceased.