A class 9 student’s body was found with the hands tied and head bashed in, late on Sunday at the hi-tech hub of Hyderabad near the outskirts. Amina Mallya was last seen on CCTV visuals riding pillion behind a man on a black motorbike, a burqa covering her jeans and T-shirt. She was allegedly sexually assaulted and then repeatedly hit on the head with a rock. Her body was found in a gruesome state, covered in blood. A suspect, Mohammad Akbar, has been arrested based on the CCTV footage. Amina and Akbar both lived in the Falaknuma area in the old quarters of the city, the police said. Mr Akbar, a 24-year-old vegetable vendor, lived near Amina’s home and is suspected to have befriended the girl over the last three months. Police sources say investigations so far suggest that Akbar had demanded money from Amina. When she refused, he allegedly attacked her with a blade. As she threatened to tell her mother, Akbar allegedly offered to take her to the hospital for treatment. But instead of going to a hospital, Mr Akbar took her to the city’s outskirts promising to buy her biryani. It is not clear what led to the killing.