We limit ourselves to present to you the fact should not, but it should try to expand. To justify this statement and the growing enthusiasm of the students in designing country-CT Group of Institutions has launched the Bachelor designing course. This course is accredited by the Guru Nanak Dev University is four years. Kism offers education of high fashion. This course whistle whistle Group has started in Institute of Higher Strdij.

CT Group of Institutions Director Dr. campus. PS Bedi said that global corporate leader and we are winners. It just does not end here, but we understand the needs of students throughout their dreaming and open the way to provide quality education offer. Raise the standard of the education delivery system for living through designing. According to him, this course will provide students with job opportunities.

CT Group of Institutions Committee chairman. Charanjit Singh Channi from the perspective of the jobs in India, the fashion industry has just begun, so it brought a lot of talented and hardworking people brings. Design is good enough to graduate, designer House hold good for the students to be constantly growing demand Hogikunhonne further work after this course the student should open the store chains, textile mills, leather company, boutique, fashion show organizer, the media house is also the ongoing high demand.