In Europe there is a city which is called the city of the worst. Italian people are too afraid to name the city. The city is said here about Daynen bad eyes and lungs, two hearts and three children live. Unlucky town called …
It is only in Italy and the name-the Kolobraro. Suddenly a car accident caused by landslides and it is most unfortunate city. People living in southern Italy near the town its name in place of “the city” cry. People living in the area of Italy Basilikta do not like to go through the city. Despite the scary people from different countries of Europe arrive to see the city.
Kolobraro that assumptions about a lawyer and there was a witch. Biagio Virgilio name never lost his case and his lawyer never had enough enemies. In a trial, he would be wrong if they are saying, then clasped chandelier from the ceiling fall down. The chandelier fell down.
The lawyer then came to be seen evil eyes. Many stories about the city being made. Then something bad happens in the city, which was linked to her lawyer was.