If renowned Haryanvi singer and rapper Fazilpuria is to be believed, he will soon be crooning alongside American rapper, Pitbull.
According to the Chull singer, the single in question will include both, Spanish and Haryanvi elements and will obviously, be a party number.
IANS quotes him as saying, “You will very soon see me with Pitbull..maybe next year. We have already talked it out. We just need to finalise locations. There are some issues with lyrics as they want some other theme and we want some other theme.”

Reportedly, the collaboration has been in the pipeline for the quite sometime now. “We are in talks with him since April 9.
After watching video of my song ‘Party by Fazilpuria’ – which was shot at a budget of Rs 1 crore with 550 foreign models – an event management company based out of Netherlands approached us with a list of international artistes for the collaboration,” reads a quote in IANS.