Followers of Christianity across the globe abide by the principles laid down
by Jesus Christ. Christians believe that the God has created the world and
through his messengers, he gives messages to his people.

They believe that the son of God, Jesus, came to earth to teach people
about life. Jesus said that God loves all people and we should adopt love to
serve the God. The best way to serve God is to serve the people in
miserable condition.

Never kill anyone. Those who kill others is punished in hell.
Never get angry or God will punish you
Those who will keep malice for each other in their heart will burn in fire in
Never commit adultery. Seeing a woman with a bad intention is also adultery
and punishable crime

Never take oaths. A man alone is incapable of even colouring single hair
strand into white or black.
If someone slaps you on your cheek, offer him your other cheek too, but
never indulge into violence.
Donate quietly. Avoid compliments.
When you fast, remember to observe it with a clean heart and mind.

Help the poor
It is better to marry than to burn in lust.
Before saving yourself, save others