On their popular relationship advice site (www.askdanandjennifer.com), relationship experts Dan and Jennifer say: “The most important thing to remember is that you need to really know her, so spend lots of time listening and asking her preference on things.”
They share the following tips for choosing the perfect present for your lady:

– The gift is for her, not for you. As much as you think she’ll like the new Orlando Pirates soccer shirt – she won’t. Buy her what she wants, not what you want or what you think is cool.
– Have a solid feel of what she likes. What’s her favourite colour? Size in shoes, rings, and clothes? Does she prefer the outdoors?
– Buy her lingerie. Tread very carefully, though. You should buy her something both sexy and comfortable. It shows that you find her desirable, but also care about her.
– Flowers and chocolate are always a safe bet. If you buy her chocolates, get her the good stuff. If you purchase her flowers, don’t just opt for roses, some women prefer orchids or daisies – once again, focus on what she likes.
“Listen to her,” Dan and Jennifer emphasise. “And take notes if you need to!”