Indians have a penchant for desserts. We all love to end our meals with something sweet, don’t we? Here are 7 mouthwatering Indian dessert recipes you
should try right now..
Are you a coconut lover? Then this delicious rose coconut ladoo recipe is sure to thrill you.
Since. it’s the mango season and almost everyone loves them, how about a Mango Mascarpone Kulfi to beat the summer heat? Here is a recipe by Chef
Ajay Chopra.
Bread is actually the key ingredient to one of the most loved halwas, which is the bread ka halwa or as they also call it, the bread pudding.
Don’t we all just love the good old, mouthwatering besan ke ladoo? Here is a quick and easy recipe to make them at home.
Wondering what this unique dessert is? Well, Shipra Khanna came up with the recipe to make samosa’s filled with melted chocolate, making it a very
unique and extraordinary dessert.
Enjoy payasam, a South-Indian dessert made with rice, brown sugar, topped with some raisins and cashew nuts.
Phirni is a rice based India dessert, made with added jaggery and almonds. It can be eaten cold too.