A Chinese photographer who goes diving with sharks and sleeping with polar bears has become an internet sensation for her adventurous lifestyle.Xiao Yun Dou, known as Dou Dou by her legion of online followers, is an extreme sports enthusiast who has travelled over 70 countries documenting her adventures.Breathtaking images online show the petite brunette battling the elements in remote regions such as Namibia, the Arctic Circle, Ecuador, the Amazon and Sri Lanka.



Dou Dou learned to dance at the age of six and was a model by 16.However it wasn’t until college that she got the travel bug, flying across the world to pursue her love of extreme sports and photography in exotic lands.

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When diving in the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan her oxygen tank exploded, which could have killed her had it not have been for the quick thinking of her companions.



Another time she was captured by local police in Namibia who mistook her for an animal poacher, the Shanghaiist reported. Other spectacular experiences include living with Inuits in Alaska for several weeks to document their traditional hunting techniques, and braving temperatures of negative 50 degrees Celcius to capture polar bears mating at the North Pole.



Photographs show her holding a camera just centimetres away from the face of two deadly crocodiles – more than capable of ending her life. A registered fitness coach and yoga instructor, Dou Dou is also a veteran at diving, skating, skiiing, surfing, horse-riding, sailing, skydiving and motorcycling.