Zhang was born and raised in Kunshan, Jiangsu, she graduated from Wuxi institute of Commerce

Zhang began her career by appearing in small roles in several television series, such as Banner Hero (2007), Youth Forward Time (2009) and Qian Duoduo Gets Married (2010).
After If You Are the One 2 was broadcast, it enjoyed the highest ratings in China and Zhang quickly rose to prominence, it was her film debut.
In 2011, Zhang participated in five films, such as Summer Love Love, No Liar, No Cry, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate and Starts Good Ends Good. Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, which grossed over US$100 million on a budget of only US$35 million.She received positive reviews in the affectional film Summer Love Love.

In 2012, Zhang co-starred with Stanley Fung and Eric Tsang in the film I Love Hong Kong 2012 as Vivian. At the same year, she played the lead role in The Unfortunate Car, a comedy film starring Guo Degang and Ambrose Hui.

In 2013, Zhang played in The Patriot Yue Fei as Liang Hongyu, a Chinese general of the Song Dynasty, a historical television series starring Huang Xiaoming, Gallen Lo, Shao Bing and Yu Rongguang.That same year, she starred as Kang Min in the wuxia television series The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, alongside Wallace Chung, Kim Kibum, and Zhang Meng, based on the novel by the same name by Jin Yong.
In 2014, Zhang starred as Daji, reuniting her with co-star Sammul Chan, who played Jiang Ziya, in the television series The Investiture of the Gods, adapted from Xu Zhonglin’s classical novel Fengshen Yanyi.The series was one of the most watched ones in mainland China in that year.