Better health for the sake of the people of China a “special drink” drink the drink, hardly dare to raise. However, an institution created in China, which encourages you to drink it. Kangyuyuyan residential area located in Wuhan City, China Urine Therapy Association is the organization name. What’s that drink …
The organization linked to better health for the sake of the people own urine to drink. Yi Bao Dongshan Yafu beginning and was named man of the two. Urine Therapy Association, China daily morning they leave the bathroom. They come out and remove the urine in the cup are drinking. They talk among themselves that it really was very tasty drink. Light exactly like tea.
Urine Therapy Association says that those associated with the institution by drinking his urine, wound, get rid of constipation and baldness. Also, there are many other advantages. China joined the organization in the urine of their eye and face clean. It is believed that this vision is maintained even in the face as well as a lively encounter. Moreover, those associated with the organization believe that the person who drinks the urine itself may not have any disease. Former Prime Minister Morarji Desai to tell who drank too Swmutr.
The association began in 2008
Made to drink urine as this institution was created in 2008. However, so far China has not officially recognized by the health department. Yet, in 2010, nearly 800 people as members of the organization were involved, which has now increased to 1000. All of them come in every morning and in the building of the Association forsaken her own urine in the bathroom are drinking. Also different kinds of exercise do too.