Yulin City. Gwangsi province Yulin City in China’s demand for dog meat festival has begun to close. 10-day-long festival every year thousands of dogs are brutally killed. Recently, a survey was done about it. It showed that 64 per cent of China are against the festival. Close to 1 crore 10 lakh people have also signed on to the petition. The festival, which began on Monday, this time by more than 10 thousand animals will die. Dogs are kept hungry for several days …
21 – from June 2009 to promote local tourism, the festival was launched. Since then it has been every year.
– Dogs bring them here from different parts of China have been kept in cages. These dogs not being given food and water.
– Dogs hit-cut in front of the public.
China’s credit push
– According to the survey, most people believe that China will also push the credibility of the festival is to reach China.
– 51.7 percent of the respondents to stop the dog meat trade always sought.
– 69.5 per cent said they had never eaten dog meat.
– Please tell the more than 11 million people, it has to shut up on the petition.
300 dogs, cats are cut every day
– Animal rights activists said, Yulin 300 dogs and cats are being cut every day.
– This dish is served in Yulin City Restaurants. People eat hobby.
– Social activist against animal meat served to perform the day, but still could not seem to stop it.
– However, this year the festival is against the local authorities and people have talked about killing animals on the streets.
– According to the statistics, in China, 10 to 20 million dogs and cats are killed each year.
The most brutal way to kill
– Humane Society International team visited two months ago, Yulin. Many of the evidence they have gathered.
– Society Dr. Peter Lee said, “the animals of their skins, add boiling water is drawn in. It’s very painful death.”
– Lee said, “Slaughter houses leased to a dead dog-cat’s neck were seen. The most of them are domesticated.”
– China, South Korea and some other countries, the practice of eating dog meat is about 500 years old.