China in the past 10 years is one of the parents in the restroom. Teach their children to school because of the city’s top money he is saving. The parents’ desire that their sons can study in the best schools.
The parents of two sons of a university to make a good school admission in the last 10 years living in the restroom. They settled in their small toilet at home just 100 feet remains Skawyr.
Father’s health began to recover only the mother works part-time in the same day five. Mother, Wang Jyumi the last 10 years in the faculty of the University and its campus restrooms cleans houses to be built. Plus he has to work out.
Her husband’s health has deteriorated significantly. Her husband had lost both eyes and respiratory illnesses. Today, 10 years ago, when both started to live in the toilet of their monthly income was only Rs 5,000 and Rs 30,000 now earn.