Several peculiar laws in different countries around the world, who is about surprise. Premarital relations in any country is illegal, so much of women driving is Illegal. So, today we are going to tell about the Australian Law 10 shocking whom also be surprised to know about you. Children can not buy cigarettes and condoms …
Yun so many countries, where the child can not buy alcohol, but Australia is ahead of other countries in this case. Indeed, here, children are not only alcohol, but also can not buy cigarettes and condoms. If the kids do, they can get punished. However, children with alcohol-cigarette there is no law.
Australia’s Gold Coast can not wear bikini women older than 6 square inches. So if a woman does so would violate the law.
Under Australian law, children under the age of 16 can have sex. It is legally Legal. But some of the children who remain in custody or care, they can not do so before the age of 18.
Victoria, Australia, in the city you can not change a light bulb in your home. For this you would call a licensed electrician.
Illegal in Australia is moving to the right of the road. Even you can not move to the right on the sidewalk. If you do so shall constitute a breach of the law.
The law, Brighton Beach women wearing tiny bikini swimming neither can nor may shower. To do this, take them by the throat will wear knee-length swim shoot.
Victoria, Australia, is the Sunday ban on wearing pink pants.
In Australia, if you’re eating an animal, then it is illegal to take his name.
It is illegal to wear a dress like Batman and Robin.
It is illegal to drink alcohol in pubs.