Timbavati Private Game Reserve in South Africa for the sake of a buffalo protect your child from 3 clashed lionesses. He started to attack the instant lionesses from their horns. However, despite this, he could not save the baby. Tourists made the video …

Video of the incident log Makanyi OT and made by Benjamin tourists. The pictures can be seen that how the buffalo were driven away from their baby lionesses. In the beginning there is a tigress to attack. The buffalo is banished him. Then there is the other lionesses and buffalo, as well as the child is attacked. But Buffalo did not give up and started expelling them. Meanwhile, the third lioness took the child victim.

Buffalo also began to attack

Attack on Buffalo lionesses been unable to save the child. Meanwhile Luynes attack began to prey on the buffalo. Then came a herd of buffalo, and buffalo among them saved their lives. Kruger Sightings tell by the video posted on YouTube, which has about 3 million people have watched.