Hollywood movie ‘The Jungle Book’ has been released in theaters. It is the story of children living in the forest, which is struggling to survive. But in real life there are many children with animals for years. Today we tell about a similar incident.
Was no barking, no one started eating raw meat
When children come to the events in different places over the years with the animals alone are quite backfired on them. If someone was barking a child from living with animals started eating raw meat. Like many animals running. Similar bold way the story of the children of the world to get in front of London’s photoshoot by a photographer imaginary. These photos are quite shocking Photos Dark name released.
A girl who with the first photo-wolves
The thing is in 1845. San Felipe in Mexico on four legs moving in a girl group of wolves appeared. Not only girl in the group of wolves were attacking some goats. Then he learned that wolves eat the goat is. Caught him, but he ran away again. 1852 saw him again, but he fled into the woods again. Was never again.