Aamir Khan has been dawning headlines ever since he went through a drastic make-over for his latest Dangal. Having put-on over a 100 kilos for the role, the actor lost a whopping 120 kilos within a span of few months while shooting for the same film. Having gained and lost pounds rapidly to fit his role, Aamir Khan has proved himself to be the perfectionist yet again.
Aamir Khan has been busy shooting in Ludhiana. And what’s more? We bring to you the exclusive pictures from the sets of Dangal while having a chat with the actor on the sets. Yes, that’s right! Not only are we bringing you live pictures, but live updates from an all exclusive interview as well. Excited? Well then, read on!
Since Aamir Khan’s weight gain and loss has been the most important question posed, Aamir took to sharing his views on the same. Stating diet is the vital key in maintaining a healthy physique, the actor went onto reveal how work-out can only boost your body by a mere 25%. Well, considering it’s coming from the man who’s mastered having a control on his physique, may be the many gym freaks can take a lesson or two from him! Also, not to forget Aamir’s personal ‘Nuska’; a good night’s sleep each day.
Since we live in a millennium where half our youngsters are size-zero conscious, Aamir has an important message for y’all. Never make the mistake of eating less to reduce weight. A physical activity works wonders than starving yourself to death. Pay heed, girls!
Moving on from the topic of gym, we asked the star on the alleged remake of his popular hit Andaaz Apna Apna. Since the duo Salman and Aamir received a massive fan following post this hit, Aamir stated how he’d love to work with the Khan again. Considering the stars lost their bond of friendship somewhere down the line, seeing the duo together in the sequel will be quite a sight, don’t you think?
Continuing the conversation, Aamir Khan also went onto sing praises of Salman. Stating that Salman has always been the icon for body fitness, he complimented Salman for his lean muscular physique.
But wasn’t Salman beefing up for his next, Sultan similar to Aamir for his Dangal? Amidst several rumours that made way regarding the similarity between the arch rivals films, Aamir shunned away any form of comparisons. Stating the only common element between the two flicks is wrestling, Aamir went onto state how Dangal goes much beyond mere ‘Akada’ fights; it instead is a socially relevant film with a plethora of emotions. Considering Aamir’s association with fighting for social causes, we’ll take the actor for his words!
Well, until we get hold of more tid-bits for you, go ahead and take a look at the pics right from the shoot schedule in Ludhiana. We’re sure seeing Aamir in this avatar will blow your mind!
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