She wrapped up filming on Baywatch in May weeks ago before launching into production on Flatliners, but work was the furthest from this beauty’s mind.
Charlotte McKinney and that knockout figure of hers turned heads as she enjoyed a late summer break in Hawaii on Monday.
The 23-year-old beauty was spotted enjoying the sun and the waves while clad in a tiny coral two-piece that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Charlotte arrived in just her bikini and a baseball cap, and was joined by a male companion who brought along a paddleboard for adventurous fun.

The blonde model-turned-actress seemed to prefer just kicking up her bare feet in the ocean however as a means to cool off.
Charlotte let her long tresses fall loose around her shoulders as she submerged herself in a wave.

When she bounded out of the ocean, Charlotte’s hair was plastered to her neck and back before she reached back and wrung out the water.
The Florida native spent some time chilling on the sand on just a towel, her locks caught up by now in a bun.
Tinted shades kept the sun’s glare out of her eyes but she was already sporting a golden glowing tan.