Changing tire did not help someone, then put the hijab problem is solved

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Does anyone wear people behave makes the difference? American news channel ABC Social Experiment Western and Islamic hijab dress the actress clad in a people's behavior in the camera shot. First of all help, but then ... Western dressed women in the first half of the car is acting to change the tire. Passing people offer her help. Moreover, many office goers seem to change the tires of the car at the time of the clock. But as soon as the video in the second half female Islamic wear hijab, people reaction changes. People are out looking at passing women. One person who calls himself a Muslim American woman helps. Woman tells him that nobody does not help him, because he tells that he responded to wear the Islamic hijab. Just add it to the events like 9/11. Also, an eighty-year-old actress also comes out to help.

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