Recently, an Indian photographer Venkataraman unhurried click photos of different places in China are made. PHOTOS angle of 50 to 100 years old photos of China is similar to. Through it, they tried to show how the past 100 years, China has changed completely. Why such a prison PHOTOS
Dheera Venkatraman photographer said I 50 100 years old photos of China for taking resorted to the internet and books. Then I went to all those places and old photos new photos captured from angles. Through it within 100 years, I have tried to show the changes in China. China’s economy and the advanced engineering of the picture has changed.
Imprisoned Black & White Photos
Venkataraman unhurried black and white photos of all the places you click, so that even after the change in the old way that looks. Lanjou unhurried in his project, Xian City, Shanghai, covers several cities, including Vuan. Now let’s see the photo, it is of Yibin City. Click the photo above in 1940 and in 2016 was down. The picture shows China’s shift.