“When she was a child, she would share her eatables and toys. Now even in her death she has saved many lives,” said Surinder Dhiman, uncle of 18-year-old Anju Dhiman, who became the latest brain-dead patient to give a new lease of life to five people at PGI on Sunday. Five of her organs were transplanted into five recipients at the institute. According to doctors, Anju, a first-year commerce student from Yamunanagar in Haryana, met with an accident in her hometown last week. She suffered head injuries. Initially, she was taken to a local hospital from where she was referred to PGI on June 3. One of the doctors said she was declared brain-dead on Sunday morning. PGI doctors said that the retrieval process started in the morning, and kidneys, liver and corneas were retrieved. “The organs were then successfully transplanted into five patients,” said the doctor.

Ramesh Dhiman, the father of the deceased, said that Anju continued in her death what she was doing when she was alive. “The parents of the deceased took the decision so that needy people who want these organs live a prosperous and new life,” said a family member. The doctors said the family was aware of organ donation and it was not a difficult task for the coordinators to convince them. “They [family] quickly gave their consent about the organ donation,” said a PGI official. There has been an increase in the organ donation cases at PGI. “It is really a positive change in the mindset of people. People are coming forward for organ donation overcoming their own tragic loss,” said Dr Vipin Koushal, nodal officer, Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (ROTTO).