Ramesh, a resident of 11 years Katmanduknepal tailor strange illness, which is why his body is turning into stone. However, being treated in a hospital in Kathmandu and doctors hope she will recover soon. Black skin was beginning to 15 days after birth …

Ramesh’s father Nanda told Delimel 15 days after birth, his skin began to darken. We did not understand exactly what is happening. There was no help. We have him in some way Baglng (remote area of Nepal) took a doctor, he dubbed it the fungal infection and that I could not help. However, Ramesh was 5 years old when she started having pain, because of which he could not walk. Hunger and calls us to go the toilet. As a result, she has not been to school. Later we found out that Ictheosis (Ichthyosis) All this is happening because of.

British singer came out to help

Ramesh’s father Nanda wage and earn about 2,500 rupees a month to find. So, it was not curable. Meanwhile, Nepali Singer Sanjay Ramesh’s best to upload a video and posted on the social networking site that should help this boy. The message reached the British singer Josh Stone. So his Foundation to help Ramesh concert held in Kathmandu, which gathered Rs 1 lakh 33 thousand. Ramesh, a good hospital treatment now running in Kathmandu. Please tell the press photos covering Asia Ngakhushi Laxmi Prasad is clicked.