In the lengthy post, McMorris Rodgers said she cast her vote for Trump in Washington’s Presidential Primary.

“A record-breaking number of Republican Party voters – including many millions new to our party – have cast their ballots for him. In our uniquely American electoral system, it’s essential we respect the will of the people; they should never be neglected or dismissed. In fact, their will should be revered,” McMorris Rodgers wrote.

The Congresswoman said it is clear the people of Eastern Washington are concerned about the current direction of the country and its uncertain economic future.

“If Barack Obama’s one-size-fits-all approach made your life more difficult and heightened your anxiety about the future, could you imagine what Hillary Clinton will bring to the White House? She would only be another term of the status quo – shrinking our freedom and limiting our opportunity. She lacks the integrity to be President, and she could never earn my support,” she wrote.

McMorris Rodgers did acknowledge that Trump has ran a “unique” campaign. She hopes his disruption will be positive and he will go on to radically transform the way government works. She went on to say she did not exactly cast her ballot with enthusiasm.

“I’m still getting to know Mr. Trump like so many others. We had a positive first meeting last week. Since then, I’ve continued the conversation with his team to better understand how he plans to lead moving forward and unite the country around a forward-looking, conservative policy agenda,” McMorris Rodgers wrote. “I’m encouraged so far and look forward to learning more.”

She also stated she does not condone the comments that Trump has made about women, people with disabilities and those of different backgrounds. She said she won’t be afraid to call him out if he does it again because he “owes it to our party and our country to treat everyone respectively.”

She ended the endorsement by saying, “In the months ahead, he will have to earn the Presidency by demonstrating that he has the temperament for the job and plans to empower every American to pursue a future of opportunity and freedom. ”