Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Heavy alcohol may be at risk of changes in brain structure

Is your teenaged son a heavy alcohol user? Beware, he may be at risk of developing changes in brain structure and function which may further affect cognitive skills such as memory...

Didn’t undergo liposuction to lose weight: D.Imman

Well-known Tamil composer D. Imman, who has shed over 30 kg in the last eight months, says he didn't go under the knife for his terrific physical transformation. His lean look has...
Hepatitis C 24indianews

Mylan launch combination tablet for Hepatitis C virus

Mylan Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Mylan N.V., on Thursday announced the launch of Velpatasvir 100 mg/Sofosbuvir 400 mg tablets under the brand name MyHep All in India. MyHep All is a fixed-dose...
Diabetes Cure 24indianews

Stem cell technique may closer to finding diabetes cure

A cure for diabetes will be a boon for most of the population in the world, considering the increasing rates of diabetics. However it has emerged that scientists may be one...
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Running in their teens are far less likely to develop dementia

Here's another reason to get out of bed and put those jogging shoes one. According to a latest study those who take up running in their teens are far less likely...
Electronic skin 24indianews

Electronic skin can tracks heart rate, muscle movement, respiration

Taking the technology of wearables to the next level, researchers have developed a new electronic skin that tracks heart rate, respiration, muscle movement and other health data, and wirelessly transmits it...
Cup of Coffee 24indianews

Coffee cup in a day may promote longer life, boost stamina

Quite a lot has been said about the efficacy of coffee in boosting health. While excess of anything is bad, experts suggest that 400mg of caffeine in a day promises health...

Easy Home Remedies and Tips: No More Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

Let us face it, a naturally glowing face - that is free from blemishes, spots and dark circles - is a desire that most have. Dark circles and under-eye bags happen...

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High birth weight may put infants at risk of becoming obese

A high birth weight may put infants at increased risk of becoming obese as children, says a study. By identifying at-risk infants early, doctors could work with parents to prevent weight gain...