Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Drinking additional water may reduce recurrence of UTIs in women

Do you often suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs)? A new study suggests that drinking an additional three pints of water may reduce the recurrence of UTIs in women. According to the...
Italian 2

Italian parents ordered to maintain gay 18-year-old son

An Italian court on Friday ordered a couple in Naples to pay monthly maintenance to their homosexual son who was thrown out of the family home last month when he turned...
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Eating banana and avocado daily may prevent heart disease

Eating one banana and an avocado a day may prevent hardening of the arteries that can result in heart disease and death, researchers have found. The study, conducted on mice, showed these...
Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta’s top five mantras to lead a better life

A well-known holistic health and fitness guru, Mickey Mehta is out with his self-help book, "The Shoonyam Quotient", and his ideas, he said, will leave you energised, fulfilled and peaceful. In an...
High BP 2

High BP in 40s may put women at increased dementia risk

Women with high blood pressure in their 40s are more likely to develop dementia years later, warns a new study. The study, published online in the journal Neurolog, showed that women who...
Zika vaccine 24indianews

DNA-based Zika vaccine found effective in early human trial

An experimental DNA-based vaccine has demonstrated both safety and the ability to elicit an immune response against Zika virus in humans, according to new research. The Phase-1 clinical trial showed that humans...
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Black tea beneficial as green tea in preventing obesity

Love to drink black tea? It may be as beneficial as green tea in preventing obesity and promoting well-being, researchers say. The findings showed that chemicals found in black tea called polyphenols...
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Brains may drain out some waste through lymphatic vessels

By scanning the brains of healthy volunteers, researchers have found long-sought evidence that our brains may drain out some waste through lymphatic vessels, the bodys sewer system. The research team discovered lymphatic...
Gene therapy 24indianews

Gene therapy to help reverse blindness by reprogramming cells

Researchers have shown that gene therapy might help reverse blindness by reprogramming cells at the back of the eye to become light sensitive. Retinitis pigmentosa -- the most common cause of blindness...

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