Your eyebrows are a powerful feature of your face. They convey expressions, frame your face, and give it a fantastic balance that can capture attention and show off your beauty.

That’s why you shouldn’t simply brush them or pluck them into submission.

Image experts know that each type of face needs a specific eyebrow shape. We think it’s something that everyone else should know about.

Since facial care is no longer just for women, it’s worth knowing how you should care for your eyebrows depending on whether your male or female and what your face shape is.

Sometimes, a slight change is enough to make you glow and further enhance your beauty. We know you’ll love these tips!

You probably know that a round face and a square face are not the same. The former, for example, sometimes has slightly more defined features, especially around the jaw and chin.

In spite of these differences, when it comes to eyebrows, both round and square faces look fantastic with the same shape of eyebrow.

Here’s the trick:

  • Square and round faces are more attractive when the eyebrows are long and slightly arched and almost triangular in shape.
  • Remember that they should be fuller closer to the brow bone and thinner at the ends and toward the area of your temple.
  • The most important aspect that gives them that magical and spectacular touch is that they should be very long.
  • Eyebrows on a heart-shaped face should be in the shape of an arch, but never to the triangular extreme of the round or square face.
  • You can choose to have thinner eyebrows or go with the fashion of the day and wear fuller eyebrows.
  • A long face shape is also one of the most elegant.

    If this is you and your features are balanced between the temple and the chin without defined cheekbones, it’s important that you create more visual definition using your eyebrows.

    Here’s the strategy:

    • Longer faces should have straight, horizontal eyebrows.
    • They shouldn’t be excessively long. A shorter and horizontal eyebrow will round out the shape of your face.
    • This strategy works for women as well as men.

    4. Oval faces


    Those with oval faces are among the most fortunate. Why? They can also wear almost any type of haircut or eyebrow shape.

    It’s important to know some of the nuances about this face shape, however:

    • You can choose to have an arched or horizontal eyebrow, whatever you prefer.
    • But remember that for this type of face you shouldn’t let them become very thick or full.
    • Always opt for a smoother shape.

    As you’re aware, you are the one who truly knows what looks good on you or not.

    By that, we mean that no matter what the experts say or the fashion trends dictate about what you should and shouldn’t do, the ultimate choice is always yours.

    In the end, it’s all about discovery and trying out new options and tricks until you find the one that best suits your personality.

    So once you’ve found the type of eyebrow that you like the most, it’s always good to know some simple tips for caring for them.

    This way, your image and your face will always be perfect.



    Tips for taking care of your eyebrows

    • Always take care of the ends of the eyebrows. The edge near your temple should always be kept very neat.
    • Fill in any sparse areas with some eye shadow or a brow pencil in a tone that most closely matches the color of your eyebrows.
    • Brush the area closest to your brow bone in an upward direction.
    • Highlighters are key when it comes to showing off your eyebrows. Remember to apply them at the end of your beauty routine: that way you define them more clearly and add a touch of brightness to your look.