Beijing is often seen that happen between neighbors is moderate tip-saddled. But China is certainly different with the two nobles. To park the car in front of the apartments in both the fight and stopped the conversation. The place to go in front of the house when a neighbor has a car park, then to avenge his millions of other neighboring car parked in front of his car, police said. Cars had been more than a year …
More than a year has passed, but neither deleted nor the other cars in front of the neighbor asked to remove the car. The condition is that the Sun had both cars in the dust badly. Well revenge on some ‘thing’ is not. And then all of Mohbbt-war is justified, then, what are the BMW and Porsche cars. Case Shainksi province of China, where BMW and Porsche cars in Xian city, these war going on between the owners without the scrimmage.
The owner of the BMW car show of hands without the Porsche car owner was so shocked that he lost millions. Lfde these two as well as a bank is getting nervous. It happened so that the two neighbors living in the building, it is the same bank. Both because of the war in the bank’s parking inconvenience to passers Getting there opens the main door of the bank. The bank also said people can not get parking.
Small parking space has become a status symbol for the battle of the two nobles. In this battle of two millions cars are left to eat dust. Their battle of the ego and the bank management has upset people.