MT Annan Leisure Centre will remain closed for the remainder of the day after a car crashed into the centre’s creche this morning. Two people were taken to hospital following the crash at 11am.

A child was one of four people assessed by ambulance officers but was not taken to hospital. No other children were hurt.

Two adults, including the 46-year-old male driver of the car and a female carer were taken to Campbelltown Hospital.

A Camden Council spokeswoman said the centre will reopen tomorrow and the creche will remain closed until further notice.

“Council’s primary focus is on the safety of our residents, patrons and YMCA NSW staff and is

extremely relieved no one was significantly injured in the incident,” she said.

“The driver and a YMCA NSW staff member have been treated on site by paramedics.”

The spokeswoman said YMCA NSW and council are providing support to the children, parents, patrons and staff who were at the centre at the time of the incident.

The driver was uninjured but will undergo mandatory testing. The carer suffered a minor leg injury.

At the time, the carer and three children were in the crèche, and were safely removed from the centre, police said.

Detective Sergeant and acting crime manager Daniel Clements, of Camden police, said police were investigating the incident.

The driver is believed to have crashed into the building while driving through a roundabout in the carpark.

“None of the children have been physically injured but they’re all being checked,” he said.

“Emergency services are at the scene. We believe one of the staff members sustained injuries and is being treated.”

All carers and children were safely removed from the centre and will remain evacuated until a structural assessment of the building has been completed.