Hriuston: 70-year-old Mary Ann Franco was injured in a car accident in 1993. Spinal cord injury, gradually lost vision in his eyes. Just a few days ago, they fell headlong into his home. Miracle occurred and they began to appear. Know what this woman …
My 70-year-old told a newspaper: “It was dark in my life for about 20 years. I got the door open in August 2015. Feet of floor tiles stuck and I fell down. Head hit a concrete thing. A few weeks ago, had surgery and had to wear the strap around the neck. ”
My “The neck unconsciousness in hospital four hours after the operation began to fade away, some even began to show some. But felt that it is an illusion. The next morning I realized that the medication given by doctors at all is visible. ”
No scientific answer to the doctor: Dr. operations. John Afshar says, “did not expect that the operation will impact on the eyes of Franco. These miracle. I do not have a scientific answer. “