Canon has officially launched the EOS 5D Mark IV in India. The launch comes a day after its global announcement. The USP of EOS 5D
Mark IV is its 4K recording, which makes it the first 5D range viable for a video professional.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV improves on the legacy of EOS 5D Mark III, and aligns itself with the capabilities of EOS 1D-X Mark II. The EOS
5D Mark IV features an all new 30.4 megapixel full frame image sensor. The camera comes with standard ISO setting of 100-32000,
further expandable to ISO 50-102,400. The camera also gets a speed bump in terms of shooting with 7fps continuous shooting speed.
With EOS 5D Mark IV, photographers get dual pixel image sensor, which captures light individually – translating into better image
reproduction. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV now records 4K videos at 30fps and supports image extract from the high-resolution video. The
feature will appeal to wedding photographers for whom the EOS 5D Mark III has been the go-to camera for the last few years.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is powered by Digic 6+ image processor with enhanced noise isolation and low-light shooting algorithm. The
processor adds an in-camera digital lens optimiser for JPEG processing and colour correction. The camera comes with the same 3.2-
inch touchscreen as the 5D Mark III but improves on the resolution with 1.62 million dots.
With the launch of EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon India aims to achieve 50 per cent market share in the DSLR segment. The company is also
planning to expand its retail presence with new Canon Image squares coming up across cities.
Speaking at the launch, Canon India President and CEO, Kazutada Kobayashi said, “With EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon has improved on Mark
III and enables it as entry level video camera for videographers. The camera is being aimed at documentary and sports photographers.”
He added Canon plans to expand its retail presence to 400 image squares by the end of 2019.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV body only is priced at Rs 2,54,995 and will be available from September 8.